Looking Ahead

Make your future bright! It’s ok to live for today, but it’s good to look ahead too. Find out why managing your cashflow is so important - oh and find out what it means too!

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15 learners taking this course

15 learners taking this course

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About this course

This course is all about planning and tracking your spending. You’ll learn about how to build a detailed cashflow you can use to project your budget into the future. While a budget gives you a snapshot of your spending, a cashflow helps you accurately plan your spending over a period of time.

So check it out and let us help you save for that trip to Disneyland.

What will I get out of this course?

On completion of this course you’ll understand how prepare a cashflow and use it to track your income and spending.

You’ll understand:

  • Basic budgeting principles
  • Wha a cashflow is
  • How to create your own cashflow

This course will take about and hour to complete.

Is this course for me?

The lessons in this course help build on the fundamental elements of budgeting. It’s our recommendation that you complete Money 101 before doing this course.

However, if you feel like you already understand the basics of measuring your income over your expenses, by all means have a go.