Being Responsible for My Own Finances

Ahhh... responsibility! There's no hiding - we need to step up to take control of our finances. This course will help you draw up a spending plan so you know where the money is going.

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12 learners taking this course

12 learners taking this course

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About this course

This course is an overall guide on creating a spending plan, managing your income and expenses and protecting your income. Take control of where your money is going and never lose track again.

What will I get out of this course?

By the end of this course you will understand the importance of being in control of your money and how to do that.

You’ll understand:

  • How to create a spending plan
  • Knowing the difference between needs and wants
  • Good credit compared with bad credit
  • Things you can do to protect our income

This course will take you around an hour.

Is this course for me?

This course will give you a better grasp of how you might take control of your money. Do this course if you’re not sure exactly where your money is going, or even if you feel uneasy about how little control you have.