Real money skills

Pūkenga moni tūturu

When you control your money, you create options and more opportunities. Our goal is to help you learn real money skills.

For over 40 years we’ve been helping kiwis take control of their money, and now all that knowledge and experience has been packaged into our short courses.

You won’t learn stale theories and formula; we’ll help you discover real and practical money skills.

Each course tackles a real-life money problem, suitable for various life stages and goals. You determine what is important to you, and learn about that.

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Where our course content comes from

The course content on this site was developed by the New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services. We’re the umbrella body for budgeting in New Zealand. Since 1973 our budgeting services have been delivering advice to Kiwi families, so this website builds on our 40+ years of experience and practical knowledge of what works.

Every day we work closely with a range of other stakeholders, including:

This site was made possible by a grant from JR McKenzie Trust, for which we are extremely grateful.